What You Can Do If Your Electric Gate Stops Working

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What You Can Do If Your Electric Gate Stops Working

27 June 2016
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Do you have an electric gate installed on your property? If so, you likely appreciate the security it provides. Perhaps you are a new property owner, or you may be a property owner who has enjoyed using your gate for a long time without any issues. One issue that can be inconvenient and alarming is when an electric gate suddenly stops working. If this ever happens to you, try to remain calm because it could be a simple fix for you. The following are a few things you should check if your gate stops working.

Power Outage

Check to ensure that your gate is not switched into the "off" position. If the gate is in the "on" position, check to ensure that it is receiving power. Although the electricity may be working in other areas of your property, the electricity to the gate may be off. Start by checking the circuit breaker and resetting it if needed.


Electricity powers the gate, but your remote control for the gate is likely powered by batteries. If you have been using the same batteries for a while, they may be too weak to operate the gate. Try changing them. It is possible that your remote may stop working for an issue that is not battery-related. For example, the remote may have reached the end of its service life or have internal damages and need to be replaced, but the rest of your electric gate system may be in decent working condition. 

Gate Setting 

Perhaps you, another family member, or visitor set your gate to manual mode and did not reset it. For example, you may have had a recent delivery to your property, a contractor might have visited, or your children may have accidentally changed the setting to manual. This is why checking the setting of the gate is important.

Track Issues

As long as the tracks in your gate system have not become misshapen, you can likely remove debris that could be causing the gate not to work. For example, small pieces of branches or stones could be removed by you; however the presence of insect carcasses might be a sign of an issue that requires professional remediation. 

A fence contractor who services electric gates is a good resource to use to ensure that your gate is properly functioning. They can perform routine services that could minimize the chances of your electric gate not working due to mechanical failures. For example, if tracks get damaged, routine inspections would likely uncover the damages before they impacted your gate's performance.

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