Limit Damage To Your Wood Fencing This Summer With 3 Easy Tips

Do your kids spend most of the summer outside running around in the yard? Learn how having a fence can improve curb appeal while also making things safer.

Limit Damage To Your Wood Fencing This Summer With 3 Easy Tips

4 July 2016
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With the arrival of summer, your landscaping will likely have different elements affected due to an increased amount of sun and other factors associated with the weather. If you have wood fencing surrounding a property, it's a good idea to look into what kinds of damages can happen during this season. By knowing what to expect, you can help reduce the likeliness that damage occurs to wood fencing with the following tips.

Make Sure the Fence is Ready for Sun Exposure

Sun damage is a real thing to be aware of, since it can lead to the wood splintering off and getting bleached over time. If summertime where you live often comes with much more sunlight for a longer part of the day, it's a good idea to look into what you can do to prepare the fencing for more sun. By getting the wood refinished, adding a fresh coat of paint, and applying a sealing coat to it, you can be sure that the fencing is protected.

Adjust Your Sprinklers to Miss the Fence

Summer often means you'll need to rely on your water sprinklers more often to keep all of your plants and lawn alive and vibrant. While you don't want to have your sprinklers turned on for long, you should make sure to give them a close look so that you can adjust them if needed. If your sprinklers are currently facing towards the fencing, this can lead to the fencing getting damaged from water hitting it every day.

To adjust the sprinklers, all you need to do is turn them on momentarily, get an idea of where they are directed, and move them as needed.

Cut Back Intrusive Landscaping Nearby

Landscaping near the fencing can grow wildly during the summer, especially if you're spending more time gardening and tending to your plants. Shrubs, flowers, and other plants can look beautiful when they're planted alongside the perimeter of your fencing, but they can also cause damage to the fencing if you're not careful. To reduce the chance of your landscaping causing damage to your wood fencing, all you'll need to do is make sure you trim everything down to a reasonable height and width.

Taking care of the wood fencing around your home has a lot to do with making preparations for the weather in mind. Before letting summer come with elements that can damage your wood fencing, you'll need to keep in mind both the increase of sun and any potential water damage that can occur and how easily it can be prevented.

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