Building A Fence For Your Dog: Things To Consider

Do your kids spend most of the summer outside running around in the yard? Learn how having a fence can improve curb appeal while also making things safer.

Building A Fence For Your Dog: Things To Consider

5 July 2016
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Owning a dog means you have to make sure they are protected at all times, especially when they are in your yard. Building a fence to keep your dog contained and safe is a priority, and you want to make sure your fence is climb and dig-proof. As you build a fence around your dog's needs, keep the following things in mind.


If your dog likes to bark at everything that moves, you may not have a lot of luck putting in a classic chain link fence. Privacy should be key here, and a fence that doesn't allow your dog to see out can help keep their curiosity at bay. Consider building a wooden or vinyl fence with wide slats to help prevent your dog from trying to escape due to activity outside your fence.


Some dogs are diggers and climbers, and if you have one of these canines, you will find that your dog will do everything they can to sneak out of your yard, even if it is fully fenced. When fencing your yard, opt for the highest fence your municipality will allow, which is usually 4 feet for the front yard and 6 feet for the back. Place long stakes at the bottom of your fence to prevent digging, spaced as wide as your dog's head or shoulders. This way, if they do dig a hole under your fence, they will be less able to actually escape your yard. Long stakes also make your fence more durable, protecting it in the event of your dog trying to climb out.


Your fence should be free of jagged edges that can harm your dog if they do manage to dig under or climb your fence. You can make your fence safer by leveling off edges of a wooden fence so they don't end at a point and placing a length of weed barrier fabric along the bottom of your fence so your dog doesn't get scratched or poked if they attempt to dig under. If you see your dog only digs or climbs at one part of your fence, you can modify that area only to make it safer for your dog when they are in the yard.

Keeping your dog safely in your yard is a large concern, but with a little tweaking, you should be able to make nearly any type of fence dog-proof. If using chain link fencing for its ease of installation and cheaper cost, consider putting vinyl slats in the links to make your fence more private and durable for your canine friend to enjoy. To learn more, contact a fencing company like Invisible Fence Brand by Coyner Associates

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