How To Privatize Your New Chain Link Fence

Do your kids spend most of the summer outside running around in the yard? Learn how having a fence can improve curb appeal while also making things safer.

How To Privatize Your New Chain Link Fence

5 July 2016
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Installing a new chain link fence should increase your overall property value and enhance your household's overall sense of security. You should find that your chain link fencing holds up well to various weather conditions throughout the year and will need minimal extensive repairs or replacements as time goes on. However, chain link fencing isn't very effective when it comes to providing your property with some privacy. Luckily, you can privatize your new chain link fence using one of the following options:

Plant Barriers for Wind

An excellent way to create some privacy for your property around your chain link fence is to plant some natural wind barriers along the fence line. This method will not only give you some privacy to enjoy, but it should also improve your home's curb appeal and help block harsh winds from battering your home. Your wind barriers will also make it easier for you to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures throughout the year, which will reduce wear and tear on your HVAC system and should save you some money on your monthly energy costs. Consider planting some of the following options along your chain link fence line:

You can plant just one type of hedge around your entire property line, but using a combination of them will optimize the color scheme and depth of your property's overall landscape design.

Incorporate Lattice into Your Fence Design

You can also create privacy for your property by installing lattice along the interior wall of your chain link fence line. Installing lattice alone should provide you with the privacy you're looking for, but you can improve the fence's aesthetics by decorating the lattice before you install it. Consider painting the lattice with your favorite colors or using stencils to create specific designs on the lattice's surface. You can also weave thick rope through the lattice to create a beach look. Alternatively, you can embellish the lattice to increase its privacy and usefulness. For instance, you can plant green beans, tomatoes, or squash along the fence line so the plants can use the lattice to latch onto as they grow.

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