How To Winterize Your Wrought Iron Fence

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How To Winterize Your Wrought Iron Fence

19 July 2016
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Wrought iron fences are an extremely durable and aesthetically pleasing fencing option for your home. Despite their strength and structural durability, wrought iron fences are susceptible to damage and rust due to weather and water exposure. Winter weather in particular can eat away at the integrity of your wrought iron fence. Thankfully, there are a number of things that you can do to make sure that your wrought iron fence is well prepared to take on the cold weather.

General Cleaning

You should make an effort to clean off the entirety of your wrought iron fence before the winter weather hits. This is an easier process if you clean your fence regularly. Besides maintaining the appearance of your fence, cleaning off dirt and other debris from your fence helps to prevent rust from developing. This is because dirt and other absorbent materials can collect water and hold it up against the metal of your fence, increasing the chances and rate of rust development.

You can easily clean a wrought iron fence with a rag and a mixture of common household cleaning detergent and warm water. Be sure to dry off any extra moisture that may be left on the fence after you've finished cleaning.

Rust Removal

If there is any rust on your fence, you'll want to remove it before the winter hits to ensure that it doesn't continue to spread, as your fence will be exposed to a great deal more moisture when the snow falls. You can remove rust from your fence either by using sandpaper that is rated for use on metal, or by using a wire brush. For areas of your fence which have fallen into deeper disrepair, where the rust descends beyond the surface and has eaten away at the structural stability of the fence itself, you'll want to contact a professional, as rust removal is likely too difficult or impossible – you'll have to have that section replaced instead.


After you have sanded and scraped away any rust that might be on your wrought iron fence, you need to paint the exposed wrought iron to prevent the rust from simply redeveloping during the winter months. Most hardware stores carry wrought iron primer and rust resistant paint – choose the color that best matches the paint job of your fence. Apply the primer, and wait a few hours before applying a coat of paint. A single coat is often more than enough to protect your fence from rust. Contact a business, such as City Wide Fence Co, for more information.   

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