3 Tips On How To Keep Children From Climbing Over Or Under Vinyl Coated Chain Link Fences

Do your kids spend most of the summer outside running around in the yard? Learn how having a fence can improve curb appeal while also making things safer.

3 Tips On How To Keep Children From Climbing Over Or Under Vinyl Coated Chain Link Fences

22 July 2016
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If you're looking to install a relatively inexpensive and effective type of fence on your residential property to keep your children from getting out, you should highly consider the benefits offered by vinyl coated chain link fences. In particular, the vinyl coating of these fences make them smooth and soft to the touch, which is a huge advantage when your children will be constantly handling the fences. With that said, vinyl coated chain link fences are not foolproof measures for keeping your children within your property, as they can easily climb over or under the fences. Here are 3 tips on how you can prevent your children from escaping.

Tops Angled Inwards

Barbed wire and sharp edges at the top will not discourage rebellious children from attempting to climb over the fence. While these features may prevent them from being successful, they may also become a safety hazard and may end up injuring your children. If you have some adventurous children that would love to take on the challenge, you'd be better of installing angled pieces at the top of the fence that are positioned 45 degrees inwards. This is the same type of feature used to keep pets, like dogs and cats, from climbing over the fence. The angled top prevents your children from being able to climb over without causing them any harm.


Vinyl coated chain link fences are also relatively easy to dig under. If you give your children enough time, they should potentially make an escape by digging a hole underneath the fence. With that said, you can easily nip this type of activity in the bud by installing L-footers. L-footers are basically chain link fences that have been installed at a 90 degree angle perpendicular to the bottom of the base of the fence.

Decorations, like Posters, Tied to the Chains

Vinyl coated chain link fences are easy to climb over because the chains create a type of ladder that your children can easily cling onto. With that said, if you can cover portions of the vinyl coated chain link fences with decorations tied onto the chains, you'll be able to create a smooth surface that is not as easy to use as a ladder. You can tie posters and other decorations onto the chains with a string or a plastic rope.


While vinyl coated chain link fences are ideal for keeping children within the property, their design also makes them an easy target for rebellious children looking to climb over or dig under the fences. With the 3 tips mentioned in this article, you can prevent your children from escaping. Talk to a contractor, like http://www.sarasotafence.com, for more help.

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