Does Your Property Have A Pokéstop On It? Fences That Will Keep Trespassers Out

Do your kids spend most of the summer outside running around in the yard? Learn how having a fence can improve curb appeal while also making things safer.

Does Your Property Have A Pokéstop On It? Fences That Will Keep Trespassers Out

22 July 2016
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Have you noticed that people are gravitating towards your property all of the sudden? This is most likely due to the mobile app called Pokémon Go, the latest craze in mobile gaming. In the game, there are virtual points on a real world map called Pokéstops, where players can get items and find virtual creatures to catch.

Unfortunately, one of these virtual points may be located on your property and cause people to trespass on it. If you want to keep people out of your property, you are going to need a fence. These two types should do a good job at keeping people out for good.

Vinyl Fencing Panels

A vinyl fence is going to be one of the best options available to you due to the privacy and protection that it provides. The material is solid vinyl, so there will not be any gaps in the fence that allow somebody to peek through and see what's on your property. Since vinyl is also very slick, it will be difficult to for a trespasser to climb it as well. Chances are that they will see the fence and move along to the next virtual point down the road.

The cost of a vinyl fence will run about $15-$70 per foot with installation included. Though the price is a little bit more than other options, keep in mind that vinyl is easy to maintain. You will not have to paint, sand, or stain the material; the most work you'll need to do is hose it off when it gets dirty. This will be ideal for those getting a fence for the first time, and not accustomed to the regular maintenance that other fencing materials require.

Wood Fencing Panels

A wood fence is an alternative to vinyl that may be a bit more affordable, with the cost of the fence ranging between $10-$30 per foot with installation. Some wood materials will be cheaper than others, so ask your fencing contractor for more information.

The benefits of wood are going to be similar to vinyl, with wood slats that are close together and provide total privacy, as well as a material that is difficult for people to climb over. It will make it ideal if you are on a budget, but be prepared to do the regular maintenance to keep your fencing looking great.

These are just a couple materials that can be used to keep those Pokémon trainers from trespassing onto your property. Your fencing contractor can give you an exact quote for your property or provide you with more options for materials. Visit to learn more.

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