Buying A Large Property? Add A Chain-Link Fence To Establish Clear Borders

Do your kids spend most of the summer outside running around in the yard? Learn how having a fence can improve curb appeal while also making things safer.

Buying A Large Property? Add A Chain-Link Fence To Establish Clear Borders

27 July 2016
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Small, older homes are typically found in established neighborhoods and with features such as fencing. But, you may be interested in owning a large property where you have lots of space to work with. It is certainly nice to get your hands on one of these homes, especially when it is your top priority, but it can be overwhelming to have such a large yard and nothing to show you where the borders are located. Adding a chain-link fence is an excellent option to fix this problem, while also improving other aspects.

An Affordable Option

The cost of stainless steel and wood constantly fluctuates, so it may be a little difficult to compare material prices. However, going with a smaller gauge of stainless steel should not affect anything other than the sturdiness of a chain-link fence, but a low-cost species of wood could lead to premature problems. It is important to consider the costs of having these fences installed by a professional. You can expect to pay an average of $1,790 to have chain-link installed, but a wooden fence will run you around $2,515. So, when you have to work with a limited budget, you will appreciate the savings of a chain-link fence.

Easy to Maintain

If you were thinking about the idea of getting a wooden fence, you have to consider the maintenance that is required, especially when it comes to building a fence on a large property. Any kind of work that must be done throughout the years can end up being quite time-consuming and sometimes costly. Wood fences may need routine pressure washing and occasional painting or staining to keep it clean and attractive. Chain-link requires almost no maintenance, and it requires even less when you get it coated in vinyl.

Ability to Add Privacy

One of the main advantages with a wooden fence is that it gives you privacy. While it might be a nice feature to get when buying a home, you may just want to get a property border at an affordable price. Chain-link fencing is not going to provide you with much privacy on its own, but it is easy to add it. Growing privacy hedges or evergreen trees around the fencing can add a great deal of privacy and greenery. This will help you in creating an even more pronounced border around your large property.

Purchasing a home that already has a fence surrounding the property is great, but an excellent alternative is building your own chain-link fence that you can customize to provide even better results. To learn more, contact a fencing company like B & B Fence

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