5 Kinds Of Trellises To Add To A Fence

Do your kids spend most of the summer outside running around in the yard? Learn how having a fence can improve curb appeal while also making things safer.

5 Kinds Of Trellises To Add To A Fence

13 September 2016
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If you want to add some natural beauty to your fence, you can do so by adding a trellis. It works with all types of fencing, such a wood or chain-link, and can be put almost anywhere as long as it gets sun during the day. Here are 5 kinds of trellises you should consider.

Hinged Trellis

You may not have thought of using a trellis as your gate. Hinged trellises work great for chain link fencing, where you can make the trellis the doorway to your yard. Place the trellis so that it faces the south to ensure that it gets the most sun during the day.

Fan Trellis

The fan variation of the trellis is an accident rather than a physical fence component like a hinged trellis. You can secure this type of trellis to the fence, and you will trim the plants so that they conform to the shape of the fan as they grow. It shouldn't be too hard to do because a fan is the natural shape of how a plant grows, with it being thin at the lowest point and then fanning outward near the very top.

Grid Trellis

The nicest thing about using the grid variation is that it can actually replace an entire panel of your fencing. The grid allows it to be sturdy enough that it still provides security, and once it fills in with plants, it will provide privacy. If you're not using a fence to contain pets, the grid trellis will be an excellent accent to your fencing. Consider placing two on opposite sides of a gate for great aesthetic appeal.

Simple Trellis

You do not need to integrate a trellis into the construction if your fence if you do not want to. A simplified version of it can be whatever width and height you want it to be and attached directly to your fence. This kind of trellis will resemble a ladder most times, with it being narrow and tall. It is also constructed from plastic or wood that is only an inch or two thick.

Vegetable Trellis

Want to grow a garden, but do not have the space for it? You can use a trellis to grow vegetables . Cucumbers and berries work great in a trellis if you are able to train the sprouts and shoots to climb upwards by slowly weaving them around your trellis.

For more ideas on how to incorporate a trellis into your fence, speak to your fencing contractor.

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