3 Keys For A Child-Safe Backyard Fence

Do your kids spend most of the summer outside running around in the yard? Learn how having a fence can improve curb appeal while also making things safer.

3 Keys For A Child-Safe Backyard Fence

28 September 2019
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A fenced yard is a more secure yard, and nowhere is this more important than when the yard is your children's play space. You need a fence that keeps the kids safely contained, while also being attractive and secure against outsiders. The following are three aspects to keep in mind when shopping for a child-safe fence for your yard.

#1: Materials

Certain materials may not be the most child-friendly. Wood fencing, for example, requires ongoing maintenance to stay in good repair. Even with this maintenance, rough spots can develop that can give a child a splinter if they are leaning against or playing near the fence. Wrought iron fencing is another high-maintenance option. Without regular refinishing, rusty, rough patches can form that can cause injury. Smooth materials are a better choice. For example, choose vinyl instead of wood and aluminum over wrought iron. You get a similar look, but with safer materials for the children.

#2: Spacing

There are two places where spacing matters with your fence — between the pickets and below the bottom rail. If you opt for spaces between your pickets, make sure they are narrow enough so a child cannot fit their head through. You don't want your child accidentally leaving the safety of the yard, nor do you want them to get their head stuck. Space between the bottom rail and the ground can pose a similar issue, so make sure that the fence sits as low to the ground as possible. Installing landscaping near the bottom of the fence can help fill in any unavoidable gaps.

#3: Scalability

Most kids love to climb, and many are relatively good at it. For this reason, you need a fence that can't easily be scaled. Opt for fences at least 5 feet tall to cut down on climbing. Smooth panel fences with no horizontal rails, or those with rails too far apart to be used as a ladder, further help prevent climbing. If you opt for a chainlink fence, make sure to get the smallest chain openings possible so that the fence is more difficult for a child to climb up. You can also install privacy slats in chainlink to further make the fence harder to climb.

As you can see, there are a few different things to keep in mind when you want your yard fenced for your children's safety. Contact a local fencing service to learn more, visit websites like http://nickelstonfence.com/.

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