Do your kids spend most of the summer outside running around in the yard? Learn how having a fence can improve curb appeal while also making things safer.

Grandparent Moving In? Get The Outside Of Your Home Ready

27 July 2016
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If your elderly grandparent is about to move in with you, you'll surely need to make the inside of your home safe and accessible. But the outside of your home is important, too. Things that may not seem like hazards to an agile young person like yourself could cause harm to your grandparent. To prevent accidents and injuries, here are some tasks to tackle before your loved one moves in. Read More …

Does Your Property Have A Pokéstop On It? Fences That Will Keep Trespassers Out

22 July 2016
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Have you noticed that people are gravitating towards your property all of the sudden? This is most likely due to the mobile app called Pokémon Go, the latest craze in mobile gaming. In the game, there are virtual points on a real world map called Pokéstops, where players can get items and find virtual creatures to catch. Unfortunately, one of these virtual points may be located on your property and cause people to trespass on it. Read More …

3 Tips On How To Keep Children From Climbing Over Or Under Vinyl Coated Chain Link Fences

22 July 2016
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If you're looking to install a relatively inexpensive and effective type of fence on your residential property to keep your children from getting out, you should highly consider the benefits offered by vinyl coated chain link fences. In particular, the vinyl coating of these fences make them smooth and soft to the touch, which is a huge advantage when your children will be constantly handling the fences. With that said, vinyl coated chain link fences are not foolproof measures for keeping your children within your property, as they can easily climb over or under the fences. Read More …

How To Winterize Your Wrought Iron Fence

19 July 2016
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Wrought iron fences are an extremely durable and aesthetically pleasing fencing option for your home. Despite their strength and structural durability, wrought iron fences are susceptible to damage and rust due to weather and water exposure. Winter weather in particular can eat away at the integrity of your wrought iron fence. Thankfully, there are a number of things that you can do to make sure that your wrought iron fence is well prepared to take on the cold weather. Read More …

Here’s How You Can Make Your New Chain Link Fencing More Private

18 July 2016
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You can expect your new chain link fence to improve your property's security as well asincrease its overall value while holding up well to the outdoor elements without the need for lots of maintenance and repairs. But chain link fencing doesn't offer a lot of privacy, so you may want to take some steps to increase privacy along your fence line. Consider implementing one or more of the following ideas: Read More …

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