Do your kids spend most of the summer outside running around in the yard? Learn how having a fence can improve curb appeal while also making things safer.

Upping The Style Factor For Your Cinder Block Fence

17 October 2016
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Due to their affordability, cinder blocks are often used for a variety of purposes around the house. Many people have used cinder blocks to create a fence that secures the perimeter of their property. If you have purchased a home with a cinder block fence, you may be feeling like the fence could use a makeover. Here are three simple tricks you can try to add more style to your home's cinder block fence in the future. Read More …

5 Kinds Of Trellises To Add To A Fence

13 September 2016
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If you want to add some natural beauty to your fence, you can do so by adding a trellis. It works with all types of fencing, such a wood or chain-link, and can be put almost anywhere as long as it gets sun during the day. Here are 5 kinds of trellises you should consider. Hinged Trellis You may not have thought of using a trellis as your gate. Hinged trellises work great for chain link fencing, where you can make the trellis the doorway to your yard. Read More …

3 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Contractor To Install Your Fence

11 August 2016
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Are you getting a fence installed around your yard? You might be considering doing the job yourself to save some money. But what you may not realize is how big of a hassle installing a fence can really be. This is one job that you'll want to leave to the professionals, and here are some of the reasons why. Prepping The Fence Before you can begin construction of a fence, there are some important calculations that need to happen to make sure that everything goes smoothly when it comes to fence placement. Read More …

How To Keep Your Vinyl Fences Clean Without Weakening Them

29 July 2016
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Vinyl fences are typically quite durable, holding up against storms, strong winds and hot sun better than their wood counterparts. However, you should only clean your vinyl fences in very specific ways. Some cleaning chemicals could weaken the chemical bonds of the vinyl, and higher blasts from power washers may also weaken the molecular structure of your vinyl fences. Here is how to keep your vinyl fences clean without weakening them or causing them to crack. Read More …

Buying A Large Property? Add A Chain-Link Fence To Establish Clear Borders

27 July 2016
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Small, older homes are typically found in established neighborhoods and with features such as fencing. But, you may be interested in owning a large property where you have lots of space to work with. It is certainly nice to get your hands on one of these homes, especially when it is your top priority, but it can be overwhelming to have such a large yard and nothing to show you where the borders are located. Read More …

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